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Protecting and preserving the source of our food and helping our agricultural communities thrive Learn MoreIs It Organic?

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Our products range from seeds and technology that would help each farmer develop organic and sustainable agricultural businesses.



It is in agriculture that the world gets its food. Through innovative agriculture, especially with the higher demand for organic agricultural products, the yield of farms and agriculture factories have increased enough to sustain the needs of everyone for food and other postharvest products.

Our partnership with scientific research, agricultural studies, and research centres have paved the way toward cutting-edge technology that makes all these innovations possible.

The heightened demand for quality, affordable, and safe crops and agricultural products has driven the agriculture sector to push for more studies. These would help in making strategies on how to better generate crops and meet the demands of the market.

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Information Farmers Need to Know Before Cultivating Hemp

In recent years, hemp cultivation has become one of the most sought out after activities by farmers. After all, hemp is known as a source of CBD, a fact that boosted the production of CBD oil to its maximum. After all, people have extensively used CBD oil in Canada and other countries to ease problems such as anxiety and insomnia. Moreover, due to its advantages to the human body, many farmers have opted to grow the crop to make huge profits.

Coffee Farming

Coffee Farming: Everything You Should Know About Coffee Growing

The agricultural method of transforming the raw fruit of the coffee beans into completed coffee is known as coffee production. If you read more about it, you will find out that the pulp or fruit of the coffee cherry is extracted, keeping only the seeds or beans, which are then dried.
Since all green coffee is filtered, the process employed differs and can affect the taste of brewed and roasted coffee significantly. Coffee processing provides a significant income source for 12.5 billion people, the majority of which are …

Dress for Gardening

How to Dress for Gardening

Gardening can be a very therapeutic activity. It’s also an extremely productive one. However, doing all the work is not as easy as one might think. Even thinking about the clothes you need to wear is not something that you should take lightly because, unfortunately, shorts and custom t-shirts are not the best ones to wear when doing work in the garden. To help you be more efficient with your gardening, here are some clothing tips you may need:
Long Sleeves
You will feel the heat of the sun when you’re out gardening. You may be tempted…


Processed Food: The True Definition

Processed food isn’t all about just changing the physical structure. This is all about treating it with chemical or mechanical procedures in order to preserve its freshness when sold in the market. However, this is not really a bad thing.
Some of the mechanical and chemical processes to preserve food are canning, freezing, drying, and even baking. These are natural processes that can even …


Best Herbs for the Canadian Garden

Here are five of the best garden herbs that you can plant to your garden. If growing gourds was not your thing, herbs might be the go then.
This is a perennial herb with greyish-green leaves and woody stems. This is best planted in a container as it likes a drier planting environment. It is harvested by pinching off the…


Specialty Vegetables for Any Canadian Garden

While these vegetables on the list are not easily found in the market, you can have them in your garden instead. Here are five of the uncommon, special vegetables you can plant in your garden.
Chinese Cabbage
Also known as Napa Cabbage, this vegetable is best planted during the spring season when the frost had subdued. …


These Questions Will Help You Understand Foods Labelled as Natural

Buying an all-natural food product can be a challenge, especially when marketing strategies include deceiving consumers to buy their products by using the “natural” label. However, these questions can help you sort through those and purchase only the most organic and natural food products:
Is the Food Made Out of Meat or Poultry?
It is best to check …


Are GMO Foods Safe for Consumption?

If you feel like the foods you have known and grown up have become less healthy than they should be, you are not definitely alone. However, many have come to believe in the stigma that GMO products are not safe for human consumption. This is proven to be false beliefs.