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Are GMO Foods Safe for Consumption?

If you feel like the foods you have known and grown up have become less healthy than they should be, you are not definitely alone. However, many have come to believe in the stigma that GMO products are not safe for human consumption. This is proven to be false beliefs.

Here is why:

  • These GMO fruits or vegetables are stronger in defending themselves from any bacteria or disease that could affect their growth and those that consume them. The ability of a food scientist to reorganize the genetic structure of the agricultural product helps in keeping these plants immune, making them less dangerous and less exposed to chemical treatments that are used to combat such problems in plants.
  • GMO is a quality-control process. This means that food scientists and agriculturists are knowledgeable about their procedures and have vouched for the safety of all agricultural crops treated with the GMO technology. It has also been stated by the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine, that these GMO crops are no different than the naturally-cultured products in terms of safety levels.
  • In as much as many believed that GMO plants can cause allergies, so does their naturally-cultured counterparts. There are no definite safety levels for either when it comes to the composition in plants that can cause allergies. Therefore, if such GMO fruit can cause you reactions, so does the naturally-grown fruit you had allergies with.

However, GMO is a promising technology that can even eliminate the composition that causes certain health problems in people. This means that GMO is the future of food processing and security.