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Best Herbs for the Canadian Garden

Here are five of the best garden herbs that you can plant to your garden. If growing gourds was not your thing, herbs might be the go then.


This is a perennial herb with greyish-green leaves and woody stems. This is best planted in a container as it likes a drier planting environment. It is harvested by pinching off the stems and leaves and is usually used as dry or fresh.


An annual herb in the colder regions and biennial in warm regions, parsley can grow as tall as 1 foot. There are two varieties of parsley: Italian flat-leaf and curly variants.


Mint is a perennial herb that can grow as tall as 2 feet and comes in different varieties. It is best for container gardening as the limits of the harvest made on this plant is limitless.


This is an annual herb that could grow as tall as 3 feet. It requires flat soil for a continuous harvest and is usually collected during summer.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is a perennial herb that has a distinct, citrusy flavour and is bushy with flowers. The leaves are the main source of flavour and the flowers are a seed source for planting and other purposes. You can serve it fresh or have them dried up first for a better taste.

There is no general rule in planting herbs. You can plant them almost anywhere, given the condition and nutrition of the soil is rich and abundant. You can consider flower beds and remember the height measurement these herbs can grow.