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The Top 6 Flavors of Organic Vape Juice for 2022

Most conventional cigarette smokers today have switched to vaping for many reasons, one of which is having the option to enjoy one of many different flavors. If you are new to electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) use and want to give organic vape juice a shot, browse through the top eight organic vape juice flavors for 2022.

1. Exotic Snacks (Europvap)

Most e-cigarette users recognize Eurovap exotic snacks as among the pioneers and strong promoters of e-cig smoking. The vape business offers a solid choice of realistically tasting e-juice flavors, including well-received exotic snacks.

2. Yumberry (Essence Vapor)

Essence Vapor also provides another deliciously fruity e-juice flavor in their recent offerings: Yumberry.The natural blend of peach, raspberry and watermelon tastes serve as the key attributes to the organic mouth sensation of Yumberry. Despite this juicy flavor mix, Yumberry doesn’t taste too sweet. Instead, it tastes just right.

3. Afterglow (Kai’s Virgin Vapor)

Kai’s Virgin Vapor has earned a reputation of becoming one of the most vegan-friendly vape juice producers. They are well-known for their few popular flavor variants: Afterglow, Death By Chocolate, and the Jet Set.

The Afterglow e-liquid flavor consists of fresh lavender and pomegranate tanginess with a subtle hint of bergamot orange, ideal for vaping after a hard day’s work.

4. Death By Chocolate (Kai’s Virgin Vapor)

If you naturally love chocolates, the Death By Chocolate flavor from Kai’s Virgin Vapor is no doubt your ultimate choice.

The Death By Chocolate flavor offers an intense sensation like no other, giving you an experience like taking one bite of a dark chocolate bar. It has the right sweetness level that doesn’t overshadow the organic flavor.

5. The Jet Set (Kai’s Virgin Vapor)

Coffee lovers will surely admire the deep yet solid savoriness of the Jet Set e-juice flavor, still from Kai’s Virgin Vapor.

Once you experience the Jet Set, you’ll feel like having tasted a strong, dark coffee, giving you an overall heightened sensory throughout the day. As time passes, the Jet Set will become a favorite among vapers.

6. Virginia and Turkish Tobacco (ePuffer Premium)

Although there are uniquely interesting vape juice flavors to experience, a few smokers haven’t gotten over the tobacco taste that a conventional cigarette offers. Thankfully, some e-juice producers like ePuffer successfully replicated such a traditional experience even with an e-cigarette and their Premium Tobacco offering.

The ePuffer Premium Tobacco e-liquid comprises natural essential oils and high amounts of vegetable glycerin, serving as an ideally organic option for smokers who miss the tobacco aroma. Specifically, it combines Virginia and Turkish tobacco flavors, making it hard to differentiate from puffing a standard cigarette.

Whenever you decide to leave cigarette smoking for good and shift to vaping, always be mindful of your health. As much as possible, opt for organic vape juices for a healthier and more vegan-friendly lifestyle.